Purpose of Project

This project was consigned to Kobe University Center for International Education by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The project will run for five years (April 2019 to March 2024) with Hyogo International House acting as a place of international exchange.

Between October 2016 and March 2019, Kobe University launched several programs for international students at the house. These programs provided off-campus education and opportunities for exchange with the local community, aiming to turn the house into a place of international exchange in the local community.

Based on these results, the theme of this new project is "International Education for the Development of Advanced Global Human Resources." Hyogo International House will be further utilized as a base for international education, with projects created to provide ongoing benefits. G-Navi has also been working with universities, government agencies, and organizations in the region to expand our network of exchange and support. We have also been working on a project called "Off-Campus" to create new possibilities for international exchange in society through a variety of dynamic activities.

Project Aims

The project aims to transcend the barriers between foreigners and Japanese people and the various actors in Japanese society to recognize a diversity of languages and cultures. The project's goal is to develop advanced global human resources who can contribute to building a multicultural society.

The hope is that international students will gain a high level of Japanese language proficiency and a deep understanding of Japanese culture and that Japanese people, including students, will diversify their values and cultivate a more international perspective. These actions will enable both groups to have active roles throughout our increasingly global society.

We believe that the systems and networks created through this project will establish communities leading to the formation of a multicultural society.

Outline of Project Implementation

This is based around:

  1. Enhancing education for international students, enabling them to become established in Japanese society
  2. Promoting international understanding and exchange in the region These two projects provide international education to develop advanced global human resources.

G-Navi created the first project to provide training and support for international students and their supporters. The project aims to enable international students to become established in Japanese society as highly skilled global human resources. The project provides both "Study and Research Support" and "Career Development" programs based around Japanese language education programs for international students. The aim is for students to develop practical Japanese language skills that can be applied during their studies and outside of the university, as well as constructive and comprehensive support for career development in Japan after graduation.

The second project provides support for cultural understanding and exchange initiatives for foreigners (international students) and Japanese nationals (students, supporters, and residents). These programs aim to stimulate mutual learning and communication between people of different cultures and languages who are living in the same community. The "Cultural Exchange" and "Support for Daily Living" programs are based around providing opportunities for international students (foreigners) and Japanese people to interact. They also aim to provide the Japanese language skills required for day-to-day life.

Institutional History

Hyogo International House

Hyogo International House was opened in March 1999 as a dormitory for international students.

The house has a variety of facilities to facilitate exchange between international students, as well as between international students, residents, and volunteers.

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Kobe University Center for International Education

Since its establishment in April 1993, Kobe University's Center for International Education (formerly known as the International Student Center) has provided international students with Japanese language training and information on Japan, as well as advice related to school and daily life. The center also promotes international exchange, especially among international students, and conducts related research and surveys.

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